Therapy Warsaw.


The fields of psychology and psychotherapy have in recent decades developed paradigms and methods enabling people to initiate and experience real changes in their lives.

Whether the challenges or difficulties concern one’s emotional life, marriage and relationships or group dynamics, there are effective and thoughtful ways of exploring and changing them. It is possible for you to get the support and information you need not only to solve painful (inner and outer) conflicts, but also to deepen your connection with your own values and dreams.

The approach

The center’s therapists work within the framework of Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology) – a method of psychotherapy and conflict facilitation that over the last forty years has gained increasing recognition worldwide. With its psychodynamic roots, innovative use of communication theories and deep respect for individual experience, it has many applications: individual (short- and long-term) therapy, relationship counseling (couples therapy) and group facilitation and conflict resolution.

Our therapists work in Polish and in English and are experienced in helping people from different countries and backgrounds, including mixed nationality couples. They obey the Code of Ethics of the Polish Association of Process Oriented Psychology Psychotherapists and Coaches and regularly supervise their work.

The practice is located in the very center of Warsaw.

All information shared by our clients during consultations and sessions is confidential.

Process Work shows that if we have the courage to follow unintentional signals to their edges, we do not fall off, but discover new worlds.
Arnold Mindell